NUS Extra Card – Is It Worth It?

You can purchase an NUS Extra card from their website NUS Extra. It’ll cost you £10 and entitles you to a range of discounts. The cost of £10 may seem a little cheeky at first, however part of this cost goes back into your student union.

But the big question is, is it worth it?

The Discounts

The card offers a good range of discounts on major products and stores such as, Dominos Pizza, McDonalds, AA, Endsliegh, Topman, Sta Travel, NME and Interflora.

For a full list of discounts see NUS Extra – Discounts.

How Long Is It Valid?

The card is valid from 1st September 2007 to 30th September 2008. So if you bought one today, it would only be valid for 7 months.

Is It Valid Abroad?

The NUS Extra card is also an International Student Identity Card, which means that you can use it in 116 countries and entitles you to over 35,000 discounts. However, are you likely to use it abroad?

Should You Purchase One?

If you shop at these places and it will save you more than £10 a year, then you should definitely purchase one. However, if you do not, then you are better off trying to use your normal NUS card everywhere you go. You will be surprised at the number of places that will give you a discount. For example, at a bar last night they gave us 2 for 1 on drinks when we showed our student cards even though it was not advertised.

Little Saver Rating

Not suitable for all and it is only valid until September, most are probably better off trying their normal NUS cards

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  1. Alla
    December 3, 2008 11:15 pm

    btw superdrug offer 10 percent off now as well :)

  2. Nadia
    April 1, 2012 9:11 pm

    This card is good but u need to upload a pic which is annoying and secondly the expiry date no matter when you rejister for it is fixed so you won’t have it for a year but most likely less and then you’ll have to buy another one.

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